Bugs and Chemicals -- November 21-December 3, 2004

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Nancy's Journal              Sunday, November 21, 2004                  

I sprayed today for mites.  Kelthane.  Once my entire collection is completely pest free, I think I will be a happy person. 


My trouble is, I don't isolate properly.  And I buy or trade with many people so everything should be isolated for a long time. 


If I get Avid in January, I think my problems will be over.


I have planted variegated strep seed.  I followed the rules to the letter so if I don't get germination something else is wrong.  These seed are from Dale Martens cross and we want to test second generation seedlings.  I would love to get the first all yellow strep.  That shouldn't be too difficult with more and more hybrids coming out with the yellow center.  They hybrid with the most yellow is Big Yolk, a strep from Japan.  I hope one of the hybridizers will be able to take that big amount of yellow in the center and bring it out completly to the edge of the flower.


My episcias are showing signs of mite.  I had never seen signs of mite on an episcia.  The center is brown and the "second row" of leaves is sticking straight up and down when usually episcia foliage lays very flat.




Nancy's Journal              Tuesday, November 23, 2004                  

I have been fighting tooth and nail trying to get US products up here.  An internet friend in Ontario and I have been emailing and calling a place there that sells chemicals to farmers.


They have some good stuff including Kelthane in powder which is stronger than Kelthane in a can.  But I have to have a permit in order to buy it.  I would have to take a course in how to handle it and spray it before getting the permit and I would have to pay a cool $300 in order to take the course.


So I won't be getting anything for mites around here.  It looks as if I have to order it from Cape Cod and have it sent to my daughter so she can bring it across the border.


I tried an experiment.  I poured a teaspoon of cooking oil (vegetable) plus neem oil into a spray bottle and sprayed three plants.  I am hoping the oil will smother the bugs.  Only time will tell.  One of the plants looks as if it hates the malathion and kelthane it has been receiving.  Two of the center leaves have burn marks on them.  If these concoctions can burn plants why can't it burn bugs?


Just a reminder to everyone.  In December all Dicofol products will be taken off the shelves.  This is serious for us since we don't have anything else to try to kill mites with.  I have heard Dicofol is going off the shelves in US as well but at least you have lots of other things for mites there: Avid, Thiodan, and a few other things.



Nancy's Journal              Friday, December 03, 2004                  

Mounties are saddling their horses.  The FBI are smiling.  All will soon be right with the world.  I will finally be getting something to take care of my bugs. 


By this time in January you will see me laughing and doing the cured violet dance.  Yes, Dr. Melissa is on her way carrying AVID.  Just in time for preparing for show.


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