Crown Variegation

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28 Jun 2013, 23:12 #1

I never set out to have a collection of crown variegation violets.  It was a sub-group that hadn't really registered on my radar.  A VV friend gifted me with many, many plants and among the group were these 4 which are pictured below.  They've been growing near each other for about 6 weeks and I've watched the variegation develop on each of them.  Suddenly today it finally dawned on me that these were really attractive.  Their leaves remind me of coleus and they don't need any flowers to be attractive.  I think I'm going to be adding more plants with crown variegation.  Any suggestions?

Rob's Argyle Socks


Rob's Scrumptious


Rob's Squeeze Toy


Sierra Sunrise


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29 Jun 2013, 01:52 #2

Gorgeous! Definitely planning on getting Sierra Sunrise, I have Dark Kiss (although it was supposed to be Sierra Sunrise) and I can see that the foliage is a bit lighter on SS.

I LOVE the crown variegation on:

Jolly Marvel-bright gold!)
Jolly Jubilee-same
Mac's Tiamat-LOTS of colors on this one, pink, tan, yellow, lighter green, it's a kaleidoscope, very pretty! And I can't forget... Mac's Scorching Sun!!! So much color! No single plant seems to have the same variegation. I just might grow 3 of them and pretend they are different plants Image 

Those are the favorites so far :)

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29 Jun 2013, 02:36 #3

Wow, I just want to say that those are gorgeous! Barbara

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Crown variegation is also called Champion variegation....named for Ethel Champion who discovered and developed this type. It's just as much referred to as Champion as it is crown.

She also developed crown variegation on trailing violets. Nancy....aren't they the 'Ramblin' series?
Mrs. Champion passed away in 2005, so her plants are considered collector items. I hope they don't disappear.

My experience with crown variegation is it is best on young plants. Many tend to lose the magic as they mature. I found that to be true of Rob's Slap Happy.

If you like crown variegation, check out Ethel's Wild Side, and Ethel's Explosion which are available at the Violet Barn.'re trying a bit of everything! I hope you enjoy them all!

Cle Elum, Wa.

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29 Jun 2013, 05:09 #5

Gee Cheryl, I'm like a kid discovering a new world. Who would have thought that foliage could be so attractive. The info on Ethel Champion was really interesting. Thanks!!!

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29 Jun 2013, 19:52 #6

First time I saw crown variegation, I assumed the plant was diseased and put it in isolation until I could "diagnose" the problem. Image!

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29 Jun 2013, 21:20 #7

You know Jaye, if I didn't have this group I would have done the same thing. I still raise a skeptical eyebrow when I first see it happening.  Bonnie

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OMG Jaye!!!That is too funny!!!!
Cheryl Image

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30 Jun 2013, 03:59 #9

I love it, too. Pittman also has quite a few, McDonald a few, Rob's several, along with Champion. Some of my favorites:

Celina Dark Velvet
Country Angel
Ethel's Wild Side
Fay's Rachel (also a chimera)
Gum Drop
Heinz's Desert Dong
A bunch of the Jolly series - Cupid and Jubilee (already mentioned) are my favs
Ramblin' Spots
Rob's Combustible Pigeon
Rob's Hallucination
Rob's Kitten Caboodle

I thought that Slap Happy lost its variegation when it got older, too. I took my plant down to the crown after it got large, and lo and behold, all the variegation came back. So, maybe it's as easy as refreshing them from time to time.
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30 Jun 2013, 04:07 #10

Anabel, what a great idea about refreshing the plant to encourage the variegation. I'm going to write that down someplace so I can remember it.

Plantcrazed and Anabel, thank you for your list of plants. I'll have some fun looking at all of your suggestions. Bonnie