Plant Identification

Hmmm...About This Plant...

The Violet Voice understands that there is a strong desire to name our plants.

As an AVSA chapter, we also know that a plant with uncertain parentage is considered a NOID (No ID) and cannot be used in hybridizing and usually not in shows. We also know that most of us expect accurate labeling when trading, sharing, or selling.

So, is it ever OK to name the nameless? These basic guidelines respect the AVSA's rules, the hybridizers' hard work, and may you to identify it.

  1. Think of NOIDs as Temporary or Permanent. Here are some examples of temporary NOIDs. Say you forget to label a plant when you repot it. It's bloomed, you know what it is, just aren't sure which plant it is. When it blooms, you'll know it again. Anytime you can talk to the person who sent an unlabeled plant of leaf, when you forget to label a plant that has bloomed true, or in other similar circumstances, it's safe to name it once it blooms and you match it. In most other cases, though, once a NOID, always a NOID - or, a Permanent NOID.
  2. If you sell or share a NOID, please always be honest about its origins.
  3. All that said, if you have a NOID, name it whatever you want! There are no AVSA police, after all! One thing to consider...if you were no longer able to care for your plants for any reason and they might be given away without your involvement, consider a way to designate these named-NOIDs so no one would be confused and think they might be a named variety.

Use this forum to speculate about your mislabeled or unlabeled plants. From a tagless leaf received in a Round Robin to a plant whose label your cat has hidden, feel free to post your pictures, speculate, and have fun. We're sure you will follow AVSA guidelines when you share/sell the plant or its components and will not use any NOIDs to hybridize.

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