*** How to Join and Post at Violet Voice Group **

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Here are explanations of how to use Yuku Communities and

how to enjoy and contribute to our group!!!

If you are still having problems, just post a question!!!
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I struggled with this (now, maybe I'm slow, but....), so hopefully this will help others.
1.  If you are already seeing this, go to the next step. If you send this to someone, tell them to go to violetvoice.yuku.com.
2. Click on Sign-up.
3. Create your User name and account information.
Note: when you submit this information, an email will be sent to you for verification.
4. Go to your email and find the validation email.
5. Click on the link to validate your account.
Note:  This will bring you directly to Violet Voice Group.
6. Open a thread - any thread will do - and try to post. 
Note: You will not be allowed to and will be shown a screen where you need to request to join the group.
7. Complete the information requested in order to join the forum and submit it.
The forum administrator, Jan, will approve you within a day.  Then come back and start posting!
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Just a bit of update and explanation of how to join VV!
All the info in this thread is still correct and complete.
Except to explain USERNAMES and AD-FREE!
USERNAMES:>>>   If you join at the yuku home page...
(The SIGN UP link on our VV front page takes you to the YUKU home page.)you will have a 'global account' with your name showing up as 'membername.u'.
>>>  If you click the join link at the violetvoice.yuku.com page or if you tried to add a post and were told to register first....you will have a 'local account' with your name showing up as 'membername.violetvoice'.
Doesn't make alot of difference!  We can change how your membername shows on our messageboards when you add a post.If you join other Yuku forums, and your username has the .violetvoice on the end, that is how it will display on that forum as well.If I had to make a choice, I would say it best to join at yuku.com rather than violetvoice.yuku.com.
AD-FREE:Yuku encourages you to pay something like a $1 a month to take ads off all Yuku forums and pages.  They call this a supporter account.In other words, if you pay them, they will take all ads off all the pages you view on Yuku, including our messageboards and your photo pages.
BUT, we are paying to make sure there are no ads for anyone, member or non-member, on the forum/messageboard pages.  Jan and I have been paying so that visitors and members alike can view our messages without the distracting ads! Thanks, Jan!  Image  (Hope to hear from you soon!) Image
As I am typing this, it occurred to me:Since we are a 'gold ad-free community'.... does that include members' photo pages?  I know it takes the ads off the forums; does it take the ads away from members' pages?Will have to look into that!
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There are no ads on my member page.